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Greg’s Chex Combine for the Holidays

Now add simply the Wheat Chex, then the Corn and Rice Chex, then every part else. As soon as all of the substances are within the roaster, use a picket spoon to combine all of it collectively. Make sure you flip from the underside to get the butter combination over every part.

Put it within the oven for an hour stirring each quarter-hour. At all times remember to get the buttery goodness from the underside blended in each time you stir. After an hour, unfold all of it out onto paper towels to chill. Nonetheless, snacking begins as quickly as it’s out of the oven (don’t burn your mouth)! 

Why the “proprietary combine” you ask? After I was youthful, I didn’t just like the wheat as a lot, so I in the reduction of on the quantity I used. However I additionally found if I added the wheat first, it soaked up extra of the butter making it extra palatable…one may even say fascinating.

I exploit pretzel sticks solely as a result of that’s what I bear in mind my dad utilizing. Yearly I feel I ought to use the little bite-size pretzels. It will make extra sense and be simpler to eat. However I simply can’t convey myself to do it once I’m shopping for the substances on the grocery retailer.

Sesame sticks? I similar to them.

Cheez-Its? Chelsea likes them.

The nuts? After I was youthful, I bear in mind the household selecting by to get to the cashews. On the finish you have been simply left with Brazil nuts and different undesirables. So, I believed why not simply purchase cashews and peanuts and keep away from these different blended nuts. Toffee coated and honey roasted…even higher!!!

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